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Terms and Conditions

1. Once you decide you would like to go ahead and book our services, and you have accepted the quote, you are then required to pay a 60% deposit to secure your date.

2. Any changes to the quote or booking such as additional guests/equipment must be confirmed within 7 working days prior to your event date. This ensures that the planner has enough time to buy or source out additional decor, make extra party packs and accommodate the decor adjustments, etc.

3. Your final balance is payable 7 working days prior to the event date when you confirm your numbers.

4. Should your final payment not be received by the due date, the planner has the full right to inform you that they will not be able to set up until the payment is received and confirmed in full. You may refer to our terms and conditions, given to you along with your quotation for any clarification.

5. Only once you have accepted the quotation and paid your deposit, the planner will then start sourcing ideas for you, communicate with you, and spend time planning your event.

Our policies and procedures are put into place to ensure that you get the very best service and that everything is delivered as required to ensure a successful event.


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